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The following problems are inherent across the instant messaging industry
Difficulty in growing and Maintain Community
While creating a group chat is easy, growing it into a larger community is not simple. Furthermore, community members will not remain in the group chat if there is no reason to congregate. This problem persists even in communities where the central purpose is sharing of information for the simple reason that the vast majority of community members tend to be passive. Due to the passive nature of most participants, attracting new members and keeping community users happily engaged tends to become a job for the admin. The job consumes a tremendous amount of time and capital for a community with tens of thousands of participants.
Difficulty in Delivering Important Information
A common problem with most interactive communities is an overabundance of information. Participants are constantly shown fresh, new information, which continuously floods out. This can become problematic when applicable content become lost in a sea of messages. In messaging groups where information is delivered via push notification, members are forced to either receive every message regardless of their interest in it or to turn off push notifications entirely. The vast majority of users opt for the latter option to save time and energy, thus rendering one of the essential functions of the messaging app obsolete. Modern messaging apps are inconvenient for their customers, a critical issue that must be resolved.
Restriction of the Business Model
A critical factor that distinguishes a simple group chat room from an interactive community is the revenue model. An interactive community with tens of thousands of people gathered for specific purposes is an attractive space for marketing. However, the revenue model of currently existing messaging apps is very traditional. Advertisers must be sought out externally or individually proposition channel admin themselves. The process is cumbersome, and there are no quantitative indicators of marketing effectiveness, leading to unsatisfactory results for all stakeholders.
These inherent limitations directly affect the ability of a community to become fully interactive. Frequently, such advertising can benefit community members by displaying information that would serve and interest them.