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EGG is an ERC-20 utility token that can be utilized in various ways. There are also many ways to acquire EGG, as follows:
How to Get EGG Token
Users may receive the EGG Token from activities in the channel, including Invitation Rewards, Content Rewards, Random Rewards, and Advertisement Rewards. They are rewarded when they invite other users, post-high-quality content, check their channels from time to time, watch ads, and actively engage with their medium. They can also earn EGG through sales in the Marketplace.
Channel operators can earn EGG in exchange for running paid channels or advertising ads. In order for channel operators to earn higher advertising rewards, they need to increase their channel awareness and ad fidelity, which will also pay higher dividends to channel participants.
Channel participants, admins, and advertisers may acquire EGG Tokens by purchasing them on cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to Use EGG Token

Most of the functions used in Nestree Messenger require EGG. The higher the utilization rate of the function, the higher the EGG requirement.

Use of EGG Tokens by user type is as follows

Admin: Provide EGG to participants as rewards for inviting new users and as compensation for producing content. Purchase EGG to expose a channel at the top of the DISCOVER channel list. EGG is stored in the Admins’ channel wallet.
User: Enter paid channels. Buy items on channels.
Advertiser: Interact with channel operators to pay EGG for advertising costs and publish ads on their chosen channels. The more channels an advertiser wants to advertise on, and the more ads they place, the more EGG will be used.