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Community Growth & Activation

Channel Power

The Discover menu is a space for connecting users to channels. The more a channel is liked and searched by Nestree users, the more exposure it will have on the Channel menu and the more users it will connect with. Nestree uses algorithms to recommend attractive channels to users through algorithms. Channel recommendation algorithms operate based on a variable called ‘Channel Power,’ with each channel having a quantitative amount of Channel Power. Channel Power is measured by 1) the number of participants on the channel, 2) the participant activity level, 3) the channel’s compensation policy, and 4) the channel’s wallet reserves.
Users will see channels with higher Channel Power toward the top of the channel list when browsing through the Discover menu. This brings more exposure to the channels that work the hardest to add value to the Nestree platform.

User Behavior Rewards

Blockchain technology is typically implemented to provide incentives to ecosystem members. Cryptocurrency, which prevailed specifically due to blockchain technology, is a typical example, with users being directly rewarded for their contributions to the network.
Nestree offers a variety of ways for participants to be provided with compensation for their contributions to the community. A multi-purpose utility token, EGG, is used to make this compensation function efficient. EGG is an ERC-20 utility token supplied as a reward in the following three ways to contribute to the growth and vitalization of the community.

Invitation Reward

Channel operators can incentivize community growth by offering EGG to reward community members who successfully invite others to join the channel. Every participant in this referral program receives a unique invitation link. If outsiders follow an invitation link and join the community, a smart contract will immediately trigger an EGG reward for the community member who referred them. Their rewards will be deposited in their Nestree cryptocurrency wallet and can be freely sold on an exchange or traded between users.
The channel admin deposits the EGG reward into the channel wallet and sets the compensation amount. Compensation payment is distributed by a smart contract and is transparently visible. All processes are handled automatically.

Contents Reward

Content compensation is a reward paid by the admin to content producers. Unlike simple group chatrooms, a community consists of participants who produce content and other members who consume content. Currently, existing communities on traditional messaging apps have no reward for content producers, so most members become too passive to produce or deliver quality content. However, motivated participants provide quality content to the channel by paying compensation for content production.
The information or content shared by the participants can be ‘liked’ by other community members. If the post meets a set number of likes, the channel operator pays out EGG to the corresponding participants. This creates a virtuous cycle of active content uploaders, big rewards, excited participants, and a quality channel where participants naturally want to stay engaged and invite friends.

Random Reward

Nestree also has a unique system that allows channel operators to offer channel rewards at any time. For example, this might take the form of a game prize or a reward for participating in a poll. Community members who participate are rewarded an EGG on a first-come, first-serve basis. This compensates people for paying attention and staying active on the channel, further fostering a vibrant interactive community. It raises the expectation that the operator may issue a special reward without notice, creating an audience more receptive to the messages content producers create.

Community Operation

As a channel grows and becomes active, the posted messages will increase dramatically. Flooded message feeds reduce a channel's ability to transmit information effectively. Therefore, many people must have a feature to exchange information and communicate without being exposed to information overkill.

Push Notification Filtering

Nestree includes a feature that allows channel participants to see only the messages they need selectively. In interactive communities with thousands or tens of thousands of participants, it is common for users to disable push notifications. This causes participants to miss out on vital information or content frequently. When browsing an interactive community, the most critical messages everybody needs to see are announcements from the channel operator and notes from their friends. The following most crucial kind of message is the content posted by regularly contributing community members. With this in mind, Nestree provides the following options for each channel that enable users to receive push notifications efficiently.
Notifications of admin messages Notifications of friends’ messages Receive notifications from a specific users message Do not accept notifications from specific users' message
Admin Exclusive Chat
Admins often find it difficult to make important announcements in channels with many participants. Too much conversation is going on to get everyone’s attention simultaneously, and announcements tend to get lost in overflowing chat windows. This is especially true when conflicts arise online, as the necessary information is lost in long messages.
To address this problem, we’ve implemented a special mode called ‘Admin Exclusive Chat’ in which operators can cease chat messages from all members except admins for a specified period. This allows admins to deliver information effectively and can also be used to calm down a heated community quickly and easily.
In addition, they may message admins directly in private conversations to encourage community participants to ask questions and make suggestions. While only group conversations are allowed in channels, one-on-one Chat with channel operators is always possible. This enables channel participants to interact with the moderator to resolve questions and be more active in the community.
Multi Notice Board
Operators also need a way to post permanent or long-term announcements for all community members to read. Important information must be shared in nearly every community, but keeping track of past announcements is also essential. Existing messaging services can usually only register one message at a time as a permanent notice, often forcing operators to string a series of announcements into one long block. This makes it hard for community members to understand what content has been added or changed. Nestree allows an operator to register and manage multiple announcements within a channel. Especially in a rut with a large number of people, this can significantly enhance information transfer. Participants can instantly see what was added when a new bulletin is registered. In the future, the multi-notifi- cation system will expand to display announcements in the operator's “bulletin board” space and in a space where static content can be displayed to the participants directly.

Community Business Model

Targeted Marketing
Nestree channels are community spaces dedicated to specific topics and goals where users can interact. Advertisers can use targeted marketing functions to search for and select appropriate channels for the execution of their ads. It is easy to sort through channels according to several criteria, such as community size, purpose, and other channel characteristics, and deal with channel operators and EGG Tokens effectively.
Advertisers can expose their ads to large numbers of people in real-time. They can maximize the effectiveness of their ad placements by being able to communicate directly with channel operators. Admins choose which ads to display on their channels, ensuring that advertisements remain as relevant as possible to the goals of each community.
Advertisement Reward
Nestree enables channel operators and participants to share the EGG rewards paid by advertisers in exchange for advertising space on the channel. Participants in traditional messaging platforms generally do not want advertisements posted within the channel. However, if the reward is shared, community members would be much more likely to accept (and even enjoy) ads. Participants will be happy to watch the ads they voluntarily choose to watch — this is a verified user behavior in similar apps. Rewards are distributed to channel participants via a smart contract, and as a result, it is transparent that users have watched the ad. This allows advertisers to see users’ ad views and clicks, which helps them to plan their future ad campaigns based on audience data.
Channel Subscription
A channel subscription is a feature that allows an operator to charge a fee for access to their channel. The latest information or content shared in real-time on a messaging app can sometimes have a high monetary value.
In the existing messenger market, there are already a large number of group chat rooms that are operated for a fee. However, because other messaging services do not have their payment methods in the app, channel operators spend considerable time and money monetizing their group chat rooms and managing paid members.
On the other hand, Nestree can set up channel admission fees using EGG. Only users who have paid the fee can enter the channel as participants. In addition, operators can set a subscription fee rather than an admission fee so that a paid subscriber must pay it regularly to maintain their rights to visit the channel. For example, an operator may charge a monthly subscription fee of 10 EGG for access to their exclusive content.
Channel subscriptions enhance the overall community of the messenger ecosystem, as channel operators are motivated to monetize their channels by providing quality content regularly. Channel operators could use Nestree to earn revenue for 1:1 legal counsel or technical advice. It is possible to leverage channel subscription functionality in various creative ways.
P2P Trade
Nestree users can trade cryptocurrency with the app’s cryptocurrency wallet. To initiate the transfer, the user proposes a transaction for an amount of their chosen currency. Upon the other party's approval, the requested transaction is completed. Transactions are carried out on the blockchain via the Nestree secure P2P trading system. Smart contracts ensure every trade is safe: cryptographic passwords requested for the transaction are returned if the transaction fails for any reason. Users can trade with confidence without risking vulnerability upon transaction failure. Transactions of large volumes are difficult to trade on exchanges but are suitable for P2P trading.
* This function is in the process of reviewing the law on anti-money laundering and identity verification. By international law
The Nestree channel can serve as a space for online commerce. Users can sell and purchase goods, services, and content within their tracks. Goods can be sold at lower fees than standard because the only fee required is the one set by the sellers. This enables Nestree markets to be more competitive than traditional marketplaces, which have a lot of overhead fees they need to cover. Sellers can also communicate instantly with buyers via group chat or one-on-one chat within the channel. Real-time feedback in commerce can provide great satisfaction for both parties, which can further drive sales.