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The Nestree Platform service consists of four main menus: Discover, Channel, Chat, and Wallet. A variety of interactive communities can be found under the Channel menu. This is distinguished from the Chat menu, where users communicate with people they already know in private chatrooms.
Discover allows users to explore all currently active channels. A list of channels is displayed on-screen for quick access. This is the most important menu for users to find new communities.
Channels are interactive platforms for group chat communities. A variety of features that enable, activate, and monetize communities are available for admins and community users.
Chat works the same as conventional messengers. Users initiate a one-on-one or group conversation with friends or with new contacts.
The Nestree Messenger also offers a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that remains secure and protected from a central point of failure.
Feature: Send & receive cryptocurrency by username P2P Trade, Transaction History Display Wallet export (Metamask, MEW)

Support Platform

iOS, Android OS