Nestree Vote

Connect and Prepare Token

A cryptocurrency wallet is required to use Nestree vote. Also, since it is developed on the BFC platform to reduce the burden of transaction fees, you need to move the ERC-based token to the BFC platform using a bridge.

Vote and Claim

You can view active agendas on the [Vote List] - [Active] tab. You can click the left and right arrows to view other agendas. If you see an issue you want to vote on, you can click the [Vote] button to cast your vote. On the [Executed] tab, you can see all the agendas that have been executed so far. On the [My page] - [Executed] tab, you can see which agenda items you participated in have been executed. You can click the [Claim] button to get back some of the tokens you used to vote, whether you won or lost.

Create Vote

Any user can contribute to the service and receive token distribution by creating a Vote. The content of the Vote can be freely selected, but inappropriate content may be rejected by the validator. When creating a vote, you can set the options, voting period, reward ratio, and number of tokens per account.