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NFT Portal

The NFT industry is a creative economy of unfathomable size and overwhelming innovation led by pioneering creators, projects, communities, and traders. Beyond the simple act of delivering the news of this giant industry, we provide NFT-specialized media services that dig deep into news and inspiration, technology trends, and industry trends that are not easily obtainable. We aim for neutral, unbiased, and independent services that do not belong to anyone and play a role in collecting, amplifying, and disseminating the stories of the industry and their voices with our own insights. Based on reliable insight and expertise, we are relieving user inconvenience by thoughtfully analyzing and interpreting fragmented information and FUD from irresponsible channels overflowing. In addition, we are doing our best to deliver related content in a friendly and comfortable tone.
Industry trends are transmitted through ‘News,’ and activity information such as minting schedules and events are listed in ‘Calendar.’ In addition, new sale items from global exchanges can be gathered in real-time through ‘Markets,’ and overview and analysis data are provided through ‘Collection.’